Auto Accident Attorney

Auto Accident Attorney in Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California continues to be one of the most densely populated cities in America. For this reason, the roads continue to be congested with traffic, road construction, development and hazards. If you have been injured in a car accident in California it is important that you speak with one of auto accident attorney in Los Angeles. Don’t guess about your legal rights or the value of your claim. With a free consultation, the experienced car accident attorney will clearly explain to you the options you may have to pursue a claim for your injuries. These attorneys will help you seek the maximum compensation available for your injuries.

Your normal reaction after a car accident is to call the insurance company to report the accident and your injuries. While injuries can range from whiplash and other soft tissue injuries, some car accident injuries can be very serious and even deadly. The first thing you must do if you’ve been in a car accident is to seek immediate medical attention. The shock and stress of being involved in a car accident can often overshadow your injuries. If possible, exchange information with the other driver that was involved in the accident. Insurance information, phone numbers, names, addresses, license plate number, witnesses police report numbers, name of police officers, contact information is the basic information you should obtain.

To the best of your ability, it is important to remember the accident and how it transpired. What happened before, during and after the crash is important to your case. It is important to next, speak with an experienced auto accident attorney Los Angeles. Don’t give any recorded statements or speak with the insurance company without first consulting an auto accident attorney. Don’t make statements or make comments to anyone regarding the accident without first speaking with a lawyer.

Depending on the location of the accident, those who are involved are generally required to make a police report of the incident. You should seek assistance from the police immediately following an accident. A car accident investigation will be conducted by the responding police officer. A police report prepared by such officer will be available and must be secured for insurance claim. But despite the police officer’s account of the accident, you must write every necessary details of the incident on your own. This will be helpful during insurance company’s investigation of the accident.

It is desirable but a little unnecessary to seek the immediate assistance of an auto accident attorney while still in the premises of the accident. There are factors that are better dealt off with a lawyer. Self-prejudicial statements made during or right after the accident are often utilized by insurance companies against a non-erring individual to avoid larger insurance claims. Remember to take pictures of the accident yourself, although the investigating officer might also take picture of the accident. Back-up pictures might be specifically helpful. This may aid you facilitate your claim before your own insurance or the guilty party, in case his insurance will not pay or if there is not enough insurance coverage. If you are too shocked or seriously injured to perform all these things, it is strongly recommended that you hire an auto accident attorney Los Angeles. A third unrelated party to the accident can look more objectively. This objectivity and focus can result to a more complete and thorough investigation of the matter.