Orange County Auto Accident Lawyer – what can he do for you? If you have been involved in an Orange County car crash at some time then you will be well aware about how terrifying the experience can be. Injuries that are sustained by the victims in such crashes will remain with the person all his life. Getting an Orange County auto accident lawyer to represent you is the best thing that you can do while you concentrate on getting well again. The Orange County accident lawyer will certainly know a lot better than you regarding the rules and regulations concerning anything that has to do with such incidents.

Most people involved in such accidents do not realize the degree of the damage that can result from such kinds of crashes. Injuries such as these may not show up until later in the future and hence such cases seem to take forever to get settled. For instance, neck injuries often take a very long time to heal often bringing with it other problems over time. What we may look at as plain and simple could result in affecting your entire body including your limbs. When this occurs, you could get unbearable pains and aches for the rest of your life and hence it is important that a good Orange County auto accident lawyer seek compensation on your behalf.

What should you do if you are involved in an automobile accident?

Contact the police to take a collision report, regardless if any of the parties have suffered a major injury. Many people avoid this step, especially if the other party admits fault. Do not leave the accident scene without obtaining a traffic collision report. Although a party may admit fault, it should not come to surprise that many of these same people give their insurance company a completely different version of events. A solid police report will help ensure that incriminating statements are written on paper by an authority of the law at time one is most likely to make admissions of guilt.
Seek immediate medical attention. If you are hurt in any manner, it is very critical that you receive immediate treatment for your injuries. Insurance companies have perceived a lack of treatment in the first week of an auto accident as a sign that you are not hurt as result of the auto accident, even in the most serious of accidents.
Contact an Orange County accident lawyer immediately. It is very important that you make no statements about the nature of your auto accident to any insurance company before first consulting with an attorney. Do not take the insurance companies’ perceived friendliness as an invitation to easily resolve your claim. Many of these companies take advantage of unrepresented parties to obtain incriminating statements to blame you for the accident or to devalue your claim.
If you hire the services of an Orange County accident lawyer or an Orange County auto accident lawyer in particular you can be sure you are leaving everything in good hands and then you can just concentrate on getting well.

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